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DISCLOSURE TODAY: Two Decades in the Making

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10:00 AM Stephen Bassett is a recognized leader in the Disclosure movement. Few others in this field have been as tenacious and diligent for as long. Mr. Bassett will frame this commemoration event and give an overview of how the historic May 9, 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference led by project director Dr. Steven Greer launched the Disclosure issue into the mainstream media and the public's mind, raising the issue to a new, unprecedented level of credibility.


11:00 AM "Boots on the Ground" Panel: Get a behind-the-scenes recounting of the grassroots efforts of how the May 9th event was organized, and the significant efforts made by volunteers to lobby the Congress to hold hearings on the issue during the week following the National Press Conference event. Abigail Lewis, Jordan Pease, Regina Meredith and special guest Dan Willis, one of the 22 Disclosure Project Witnesses who testified at the May 9th Press Conference. Moderated by Captain Ron Janix.


1:30 PM Daniel Sheehan, Esq.: Mr. Sheehan's extraordinary career as a civil rights advocate spans several decades now. He's remained a high-profile figure in the Disclosure Movement before and since the May 9th event. He speaks very articulately and authoritatively on the legal, political, and sociological aspects of Disclosure. Here he will explain his role as lead legal counsel for the Disclosure Project, and how he helped vet the military Witnesses and counseled them regarding their secrecy oaths.


2:30 PM  "Architecting the Disclosure Process" Panel: This will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn more of the "untold histories" about how the May 9th event was organized, and how it set a new precedent for similar events that have happened since. Stephen Bassett's Citizens Hearing on Disclosure for example, held April 2013 in the same venue, with the goal of 'ending the truth embargo'. Panelists Stephen BassettDaniel Sheehan and Dan Willis will make short presentations, then take audience questions. Moderated by Captain Ron Janix.


4:00 PM Grant Cameron,  as a long time historian and Disclosure advocate, will  offer his conjecture on where he feels it may be headed in the future.


4:30 PM Steven Bassett will conclude the day's sessions with a summary of the past and present; and share his optimistic vision of what's right around the corner regarding all the recent developments in the ET/UFO research community. Hear Mr. Bassett's ideas of a possible timeline for Disclosure, and what drives him to work so tirelessly for these last two-plus decades on the issue.


Pictures from the afterparty.


Executive Director at Paradigm Research Group


Stephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena. He has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of "Disclosure" - the  formal confirmation by heads of state of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. 


Noted Constitutional Scholar & Civil Rights Attorney


Daniel Sheehan is a social activist who has spent virtually his entire life working on progressive social programs and initiatives. As the Legal Counsel on such nationally-recognized investigative cases involving government covert operations as The Karen Silkwood Case, The Iran/Contra Case, The Pentagon Papers Case, The Watergate Burglary Case, and The American Sanctuary Movement Case, Dan brings to the issue of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Phenomenon a unique background in investigating and exposing the world of American governmental covert operations, “black budget” operations, mind control programs, government disinformation projects, covert warfare and clandestine operations. He established the Christic Institute in Washington, DC, which for nearly two decades was the country’s preeminent public-interest law firm.


Author, Historian & Disclosure Advocate


Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology in 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba. In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 20+ trips to the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material.

One highlight of his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-President Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton administration. 

Join with participants from around the world LIVE to commemorate this historic occasion and to celebrate the whole group of 500+ very credentialed Witnesses that were brought together.

The bravery and sacrifice of these exceptional men and women heroes significantly raised the benchmark and broke-down barriers for the subsequent events, moving steadily along the road to official disclosure.


Dan Willis is one of the Top Secret Military Witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001 in front of the major mainstream media of the world. This event was prompted by those within our government with legal constitutional authority being illegally denied access.  An open congressional hearing was denied that could release to the world advanced technologies derived from extraterrestrial reverse engineering. Instead, the message was sanitized by a controlled mainstream media to the public.  An ex-ABC newsman, Dan has taken a keen interest in how an infiltration of unwarranted influences operating behind the secrecy of our National Security system is used to control the public's perception through their control of the mainstream media in order to hide their illegal operations by withholding disclosure of the full message to the public, a message based on the hundreds of credible military and intelligence witness testimonies.


Jordan Pease was a college student in 2001 when he dropped out of school to take a position working for the Disclosure Project, facilitating the Press Conference and subsequent speaking tour with Dr. Greer and several of the Witnesses. "Zero regrets" says Jordan, and "fatigued from the constant excitement" is how he characterizes that year, which completely transformed his life and career, and led him to establish a public library and research archive specializing in ET/UFO studies.


Abigail Lewis was a staffer at the May 9th, 2001 event and participated in the lobbying campaign facilitating meetings with Congressional officials during the week following. She regards that experience as one of the greatest highlights and honors of her life. Her passion has always been to advance the conversation about ET Intelligence beyond just "lights in the sky" and toward the exopolitical ramifications as the world awakens to the reality of the ET presence."


Regina Meredith.  Regina Meredith departed from her mainstream television career when it became obvious that the more intriguing stories that capture human imagination would never be addressed. After participating in the field with Steven Greer in 2000 and 2001, and attending the Disclosure event of May 9th, 2001, she switched her focus to alternative media. As co-founder of Conscious Media Network and partner with Gaia TV, she has had the latitude to bring consciousness surrounding UFOs, ETs and Disclosure to hundreds of thousands of people. And the conversation continues!



This is an Architects of the New Paradigm Conference in partnership

with The Observation Deck Private Campus.



We will take a hard look at governmental UFO Disclosure. 

Hear first hand from people who were there on May 9, 2001 for the groundbreaking Disclosure press conference at the prestigious Washington, DC National Press Club.


 What’s the relationship between formal contact and Disclosure? 

What are the indications that formal contact is a distinct possibility in the near future?  Where are we headed in the Disclosure movement today?


All day disclosure event

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