The OD is not a typical website, or video streaming portal, or membership, or place. 

  • The Website

    The Observation Deck website will give you access to all of the different areas and show you what we have to offer. You can brows the calendar of events, and decide what tickets you want to purchase. Here on The OD site you have your first glance into all the features we offer.

  • The Video Portal

    When you become a member, sign up for a free trial or purchase a ticket to an event you ALSO get access to this portal. This will allow you to come in and watch the replay of the live event you purchased for the 30-days following the event. This portal is password protected and you get the login via email. You can access this portal on any Internet connected device. 

  • The World

    The Observation Deck is built inside of a platform called VirBELA. This means you need to download an app onto your computer in order to come into our world. You will create your own avatar, talk to and interact with people just like you would at any other conference or event. We have created this world just for you with a beautiful auditorium, conference and break out rooms, meeting places, art galleries, a lounge and so much more.


    To attend any of our paid or free events, you must download the VirBELA app. We send you this invite via email when you subscribe or purchase any event ticket. You only need to download this app ONCE, then you can come to any future event without downloading again if you are a member.


No problem. Click the button and register for 7-days FREE access to check it out. No, you do not put in any payment information, there is nothing to cancel. Try it and love it, or not. Easy! We know once you experience time on The Observation Deck you will want to be here and enjoy the global coffee house along with us.

Membership Options

Below is a quick list of benefits, please scroll down for more.


$19 per month recurring

  • 24/7 Access

  • Free Access to all OD happenings

  • Access to The OD Digital Channel

  • Early notification for conferences

  • Email newsletter updates

  • 10% discount on paid events


6 Months

$16.50 per month paid 2x a year

  • ALL above plus

  • 10 Free passes for friends (72 hour pass)

  • 20% discount on paid events (rather than 10%)

$99/6 months


$15.50 per month paid annually

  • ALL  above plus

  • 5 additional Free passes for friends for a total of 15 (72 hour pass)

  • Founding Member  Badge if one of the first hundred members


  • Events Around the World

    Know when and where the events you care about are happening. Our vast database of events will keep you in the know. 

  • Movies and TV Shows

    Search for the new films coming out, or already released as well as TV shows, and special programming. Unlike the TV Guide, we take your suggestions.

  • Podcasts

    Load up on the podcasts that cover the topics we care about. Let us know your thoughts on podcasters and recommend shows so they get more exposure.

  • Speakers, Authors, Researchers

    Find your favorites right here. See where they will be and get all the details from their social channels, books and appearances to person interviews and special content.

  • Community Forum

    Stay connected with a vast community forum. Make plans to meet inside the Observation Deck, talk about the latest film or book, comment on recent news. All in a safe space.

  • Book Reviews

    We can help you decide if you want the latest book everyone is talking about. Read our reviews and see what others have to say.

The Observation Deck


The HUB for research, conversations and education 

A Place for EVENTS  -  A MEETING Space

The Observation Deck has created a private campus on the Virbela platform.  "Virbela virtual worlds create the deeply social spaces people miss when working from home, learning online, or attending virtual events."  

"Since 2012, Virbela has been engineering and designing immersive 3D environments that provide the presence and emotional connection of being together in person."


The OD chose Virbela because of the unique experience we can make in our own private world with like-minded people seeking answers to their questions. 


Global Events will be held inside The OD so that everyone can participate in a meaningful way. You walk around the event campus, meet people, and move organically from place to place. This isn't "just like" real life. This is real life now. 

  • Rent Meeting Space

    You can use this amazing virtual space to hold your meetings and events. We have taken on the expense of building it out so the entire community can benefit. Imagine your next meeting right inside The OD.

  • Hold Your Next Conference at The OD

    Many events have been struggling to make the shift to a virtual platform for their events, and we understand why. The in-person meeting has that special element of being with other attendees. You lose that watching videos. Now, with the advent of the OD, you can have the best of both worlds. You can be free to move about and interact in the natural way you do at a live event, and you also get the benefit of being able to attend from anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost.

    As more events come back to holding in person conferences, the OD will be here to help create the perfect hybrid of in-person and virtual experiences.

  • Your Full Time Virtual Store

    Many authors and vendors needed large live events for the opportunity to engage with their customers, live and in person. With The OD, you have the best of both worlds. You can set up and keep a permanent virtual store and allow customers to come and meet you anytime your office is open. Imagine being able to meet your potential clients in your virtual store, show your items live on camera, have a conversation and the with a click, an order is placed. The fun of being live on the platform only adds to the customer experience.


The best content

There are a lot of places to find great content out there on the vast World Wide Web. We decided to help bring all of that great content together in one place. You can seek out content by your favorite researcher or by the topic of interest. We have also curated great content just for you.

  • Watch Party, when great new videos come out, you can meet your friends from around the world and watch together. Select a meet up prior to the video to catch up and discuss current topics, then head for the show together. You are sitting in an audience and can turn your head and talk to the person you are sitting next to. It doesn't get any better than that.

  • Special features, watching video at The OD is better. When we hold video release premieres you will get a lot of extras like the people involved in the film or show answering your questions after. Or a meet and greet event where you can shake hands and say hello.

  • Walk and Watch, come into The OD and watch the always on content you can't see anywhere else. You never know who you will run into inside The OD.

It Takes a Team

It takes a team to make The Observation Deck all it can be. Meet the incredible group we have assembled to contribute to The OD.

Founder of The Observation Deck

Apolla Asteria

Actress, 'Muse'ician, Disclosure Activist, Exopolitician, creator of Shaman Spears

Tui Snider

Author, Researcher of  Cemeteries, History, Travel & Haunted Lore

Michael Moriarty

Director of Marketing and Support Teams