Captain Ron

Founder, The Observation Deck

Captain Ron has worked with speakers, authors, and conferences, and met the fans of subjects of the unknown. While attending conferences and interviewing people, one thing he realized is that he wanted to open this world up to everyone. Building The Observation Deck accomplishes this goal. 


Prior to starting this platform for the community he was the host of two "truth seeking" internet radio shows. On Truth Be Told, they explored all things paranormal from ancient aliens to conspiracy theories. On Elevate the Conversation, they talk about the real truth behind cannabis.

  • Captain Ron will interview your favorite authors, speakers, and investigators live inside The Observation Deck

  • The OD will become the hub for meetings, movies, shows, and premiers within the community

  • Stay connected with the most complete guide to the people you follow, podcasts, shows, and more.

Truth Seeker

Captain Ron has always sought after truth.

On his two previous internet radio shows, he expressed his passion to find the real answers to life's big questions. On Truth Be Told, Captain Ron and co-host, Tony Sweet, talked about everything from ancient aliens and UFOs to conspiracy theories with the top people in these fields like Erich Von Daniken, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Don Schmit and many others.


On Elevate the Conversation, Captain Ron and co-host, Doctor Frank, talk about the true history behind cannabis as well the current medical break throughs.


The Observation Deck is all about the community. There has been a lot of unrest, arguments and public shaming in the UFO/Paranormal community. And that stops at The OD. The platform is built for the people, for the fans, for those seeking to find the truth for themselves.


The Observation Deck will grow and advance right along with the Community of users. Captain Ron envisions a unique membership platform that delivers not only incredible access to content, speakers and information, but access to each other. As a member of The OD you will be able to go into the virtual world 24/7 and meet with people from around the world. Engage with them in a natural way and make life long friendships.


Captain Ron selected the advanced technology of Virbela because they have created an immersive, interactive experience. There is no other place where you can go and feel like you are right there, with your friends, talking, laughing, moving around just like you would at a conference or event.

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